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VEFATEKS WEAWING FACTORY has one of the leading positions in flatweaved jacquard, jacquard and plain velvet production in Turkey with its high technology looms and with 4.000.000(fourmillion) meters production capacity per year, which can be divided as:

300.000 meters of acrylic plain velvet, which also includes embossed velvet and embossed praying rug.

1.500.000 meters of acrylic jacquard velvet, which includes velour carpets in various sizes; velour, spiegel and lurex spiegel praying rugs; lurex spiegel fabrics and spiegel fabrics, car and bus interior fabrics.

2.200.000 meters of flatwoven jacquard fabric, which includes many different constructions of chenille, Polly-viscose, Polly-cotton, 100% cotton etc... on single or double width.