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VEFATEKS DOSEMELIK KUMAS SAN. ve TIC. A.S. was founded in 1972,by the time it was one of the first jacquard velvet producer in TURKEY. In the parallel of its growth in years, production got various due to technology and consumer needs.

At the present VEFATEKS` strength relies on three very strong sources; VEFATEKS WEAWING FACTORY, VEFATEKS DESIGN STUDIO, VEFATEKS YARN DYING FACTORY. 

VEFATEKS DESIGN STUDIO undertakes product development, where its designers and stylists, bring their ideas to realty in the form of fabric by the help of fully CAM/CAD computerized environment. 

VEFATEKS YARN DYING FACTORY recognized by authorities through Turkey and Europe as the number one factory in its field due to its highest technology and considered as the 2nd biggest factory in all Europe by its capacity, which is 300.000 kg per month. 

VEFATEKS exports 95% of its capacity throughout the world to 62 countries, and has its own showrooms in ISTANBUL.